The rise of artificial intelligence has been nothing short of phenomenal, with incredible applications transforming various industries. From ChatGPT revolutionizing text interactions to the seamless magic of AI video generators, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift in how we create and consume content. 

The demand for engaging and dynamic video content in particular has ushered in a new era of creativity, with AI stepping up as a reliable tool for crafting visually stunning and professional videos. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just stepping into the world of video, AI-generated video can elevate your content to the next level. 

So to help you get started, I’m unveiling the top 5 best AI video generators out there. Ready? Let’s go!

What Are AI Video Generators?

Before we learn more about some of the best AI tools for video generation, let’s take a quick second to understand what these AI video generators are all about.

Let’s say you’ve got an idea for a video but you don’t have editing experience or the time to spend hours glued to video editing software. That’s where AI video generator tools come into play. They use AI technology to automate the video creation process, turning your vision into captivating, high-quality videos.

So how does it all work? AI video generators leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze your input data. Whether it’s images, video, text or a combination of the 3, the AI tool processes your input and produces a new video in minutes, rather than hours or days. Many of them also have built-in video editors, allowing you to customize the generated video to your liking.

The beauty of AI video tools lies in their ability to streamline the video creation journey, making it accessible to everyone, from content creators on TikTok to businesses looking to create effective marketing videos. It’s like having your very own video production assistant, available 24/7. 

So whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a marketer or just someone looking to make your content more engaging, AI video generators are here to make your life a whole lot easier. Stay tuned as we explore the top 5 best ones.

1. Lucas: Best for Text-To-Video

Starting off with yours truly, I’m Lucas, an AI text-to-video generator developed by Idomoo. With me, text-to-video creation has never been easier. Just type what you want in and I’ll deliver a complete video in seconds.

Whether you’re looking to create promo video clips for your next big sale or generate an explainer video for how your product works, I’ve got you covered. For example, I can take a simple text prompt like “Happy healthy Halloween from Alpine Dental” and turn it into a professional video clip like the one below:

Want to make changes? No problem! My videos are customizable. Not only can you review and edit the video content before I generate the video, but you’ll also have access to video editing tools to help you perfect your video. You can adjust the colors, the language (I know over 50 languages, from English to Afrikaans to Spanish), the text-to-speech script and more.

With my user-friendly and intuitive interface, I make it easy for you to turn your ideas and words into videos that not only look good but are also tailored to your unique brand and style. (P.S. I’m also free to try — no credit card required!)

2. D-ID: Best for AI Avatars

D-ID is a platform that leverages the power of generative AI to create lifelike custom avatars, or “digital people.” These digital people are more than just static images; they’re dynamic, moving and talking avatars that can function as brand representatives, turning your business content into something more engaging and human. 

With D-ID’s Creative Reality™ Studio, you can generate these virtual presenters at the click of a button. The platform allows you to create talking avatar videos from just text or audio, making the content creation process more cost-effective. See how it works below.

Some common uses for these types of AI avatar videos include tutorials and training videos, corporate communication, social content and more. In conclusion, D-ID stands out as an AI video generator for its use of custom virtual avatars. You can get started with D-ID’s trial plan, which offers 5 minutes of free video, or one of its paid plans.

3. Pika: Best for Animated Clips

In the world of AI video generators, Pika has emerged as a notable player for the creation of animated clips. If you’re seeking a tool that breathes life into your visual content through dynamic animations, Pika is worth a closer look.

This video maker has a simple interface and caters to both beginners and seasoned creators. Its animation capabilities stand out, allowing users to transform ideas into high-quality animated scenes. Whether you’re producing marketing content for social media or educational videos for your YouTube channel, Pika works to bring your vision to life with a few clicks.

The platform accommodates various styles and genres, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. From sleek and modern animations to charming and whimsical clips, Pika empowers users to explore their creative instincts without being confined to a specific aesthetic. Check out one of its users’ creations below.

In summary, Pika is an AI video generator that specializes in creating animated clips, allowing users to focus on unleashing their creativity rather than grappling with complex animation tools. 

4. Best for Training Videos and Presentations

For those looking to elevate their learning & development experiences, emerges as a popular AI tool for businesses. At its core, is an AI-powered video generator that specializes in turning long-form written content into engaging videos. This makes it a game-changer for brands or content creators looking for new ways to repurpose their work and engage wider audiences.

Similar to D-ID, incorporates AI avatars and voiceovers in its videos. In this case, though, the avatars are referred to as “video presenters” and are designed to be a guide that walks viewers through the information in the video. Check out how can be used to transform a knowledge base article into a video below.

Some standout features that offers are its Article-to-Video converter and its PPTX-to-Video function, in which the platform uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your article or PowerPoint and automatically generate interactive presentations. Other features include screen recording, AI storyboard and multilingual voice cloning.

In terms of pricing, offers both a free plan, which includes 1 free minute, and multiple paid plans.

5. Opus Clip: Best for Repurposing Longer Content

Opus Clip enters the AI video creator scene with a unique focus on repurposing long, talking videos into concise and impactful shorts. This makes it an invaluable asset for brands or content creators who frequently work with lengthy video content. 

The platform leverages advanced AI models and machine learning to identify key moments that have the potential to go viral. In other words, if a podcaster wants to turn their hour-long YouTube videos into the kind of short-form content that’s perfect for TikTok or Instagram Reels, they can do so with a single click via Opus Clip.

Some other helpful features that the platform offers include automatic captions and subtitles, video templates and brand kits and a variety of video formats to export to. Check out how it all works below.

For those interested, Opus Clip offers a “free forever” plan that has some limitations such as the addition of a watermark and a 3-day limit for exporting. It also has 2 paid plan options: Pro and Starter.

Unleash Your Inner AI Video Director

From effortlessly turning text into engaging visuals to repurposing longer content, each of the AI creators above brings their own unique flair to the table. So why not give it a shot? Embrace the power of these innovative technologies to turn your ideas into videos that not only tell a story but leave a lasting impact.

Ready to get started? Try me out for free, and let’s turn your ideas into captivating videos that resonated with your audience.

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