Got Questions? Lucas Has Answers

Who is Lucas?
Lucas is a state-of-the-art AI video creator developed by Idomoo. With Lucas, you can create Interactive Videos based on a simple text prompt. Once you submit your prompt in the chat, Lucas suggests an idea for your approval and then applies relevant design themes, video footage, music and narration to create 4 complete videos you can choose from. You can further edit the video, upload your own footage and narration, change the text and more.
How do I create an account and log in?

Go to and click the Try It Free button. In the new page that opens, click “Create an account.” Fill in your information or choose to log in with your Google account.

Next time you visit Lucas, just use the same email address and password or your Google account to log in.

How long does it take to create a video with Lucas?
Creating a video on Lucas takes less than a minute from start to finish. If you want, you can spend longer customizing the video with our easy built-in editor.
Does Lucas support languages other than English?
Yes, Lucas knows over 50 languages, from Afrikaans to Chinese to Spanish. Just start speaking in your desired language, and Lucas will automatically create your video in that language. You can also select voiceover artists with a range of accents, such as Australian, British, Indian and many more.
How can I find the videos I made in the past?

You can access and edit videos you’ve created in the last 30 days under the History tab when you log in, making it easier to track and manage past projects. You can find videos purchased in the last 30 days under My Videos. If you want to edit purchased videos to buy another version of them, just find them under History and make as many changes as you need.

Videos will be accessible from their interactive landing page for 30 days. We recommend downloading any videos you want to keep.

Can I edit my video?

Yes, you can — and it’s easy! Lucas knows that video content often requires fine-tuning. After Lucas creates a video for you, you can click “Edit Video” to adjust the voiceover, on-screen text, media and more. You can access and review videos you’ve created in the last 30 days under the History tab, making it easier to track and manage your projects.

Can I edit my video?
Can I upload my own video or image assets to Lucas?

Absolutely! To add your own videos or images, click the "Edit video" button and select your desired upload method. You can search and import videos from Getty Images, create AI-generated images using the Stable Diffusion tab, or upload your own assets.

Can I upload my own video or image assets to Lucas?
Can I modify the voiceover?

Yes, you can adjust the voiceover by selecting a different narrator or emotion in edit mode. Changing the narrator changes the voice while the emotion affects the tone. You can also upload your own voiceover to replace the automatic narration.

If you want to change what the narrator says, you can easily edit the next under Narration for each scene. Bear in mind that the length of the text will affect scene length. If you delete the text completely for a scene, that scene will be shortened to 5-6 seconds.

Can I modify the voiceover?
How do I upload my own voiceover to Lucas?

To add your own voiceover, click "Upload your narration" for the scene where you want to upload different narration. Then select the upload button and choose the audio file you want to upload. Supported file types include .MP3, WAV.

How do I upload my own voiceover to Lucas?
How do I change the background music?

In edit mode under Music, you can click the music note to select a different soundtrack from a selection of preloaded soundtracks. You can also search for music by themes such as cinematic or rock by clicking one of the tags at the top. Once you’ve made your pick, just click on the Select button and you’re done!

How to change background music for Lucas AI video
How can I mute my uploaded video or mute Getty’s videos with audio?

You can easily mute or unmute media by clicking the volume icon on top of the media.

How can I mute my uploaded video or mute Getty’s videos with audio?
Can I apply my own brand guidelines to Lucas videos?

Yes, you can easily apply your own brand guidelines to your videos. Under Brand Kit, you can add your colors, fonts, logo, URL and a brief description of your brand. This helps ensure your videos maintain a consistent look and feel across all your content. Have more than one brand? Just add another brand to your Brand Kit. You can select the brand you want for each video before writing the prompt and creating a video.

Can I apply my own brand guidelines to Lucas videos?
Can I change the colors in the video?
Of course! You have full control over the color palette used in your videos. You can even choose precise hex values to match your brand.
How does Lucas choose colors for videos?

For each video, Lucas chooses 4 colors, including 2 primary colors and 2 secondary colors. For better visual contrast, the first color in the palette should be darker than the second, and the third color should be darker than the fourth. Lucas chooses colors with strong contrast automatically, but if you update them using the built-in editor, remembering to alternate dark and light colors will help your videos look their best. We recommended keeping the second color white or a very bright color.

Screenshot of how to change colors in your Lucas AI video
How long can videos be?
Currently, the max length for any video Lucas creates is 3 minutes. Videos may be shorter depending on the number of scenes. We’re always evaluating video length and capabilities for Lucas, but in general, we’ve found that shorter videos perform better when it comes to viewer engagement.
Does Lucas offer interactive features?
Yes, Lucas can include one interactive call-to-action button at the end of each video. You can easily edit the button's URL after the video is generated.
Can I remove scenes from my video?
No, once a scene is created, it can’t be removed from the video, and its length can’t be modified. However, you can edit a scene’s content after the video is generated.
Can I change the length of a scene?
You can't directly change the length of a scene after Lucas creates it. However, you can change the narration for each scene, which can affect its length.
What video editing features does Lucas offer?

You can edit scenes, change the voice and tone of the voiceover, replace background music, modify the on-screen text and narration, select different colors for the graphics and insert different media, including uploading media or generating completely new imagery generated by AI.

What video editing features does Lucas offer?
Will Lucas keep my video forever?

Lucas will store the videos you created for 30 days. If you want to keep your video, be sure to download it to your device.

Will Lucas keep my video forever?
Is Lucas accessible on ChatGPT?

Yes! Lucas is a working plugin available to GPT-4 users on the ChatGPT store. Install the plugin to easily turn any ChatGPT response into a complete, usable video in seconds.

Is Lucas accessible on ChatGPT?
What is the process for purchasing a video?

Once you’re happy with the video Lucas created for you, press the Buy This Video button below the video. Enter your credit card details securely in Stripe, and after payment is done, you’ll see your video in the My Videos tab, royalty-free and ready to use with the watermark removed.

Purchase flow to buy Lucas AI video
How do I use the CTA button?

If you want a call-to-action button, ask Lucas for it with your video request. You can tell him what URL the button should link to or easily update the link with our built-in editor. However, you can’t delete a CTA button once added.

Great uses for the CTA scene include a link to your website, the link for a meeting invitation, RSVPing for an event, or clicking to purchase something online. Remember that to have an interactive CTA, you’ll need to use the video landing page rather than the downloaded video.

Can I edit a video after buying it?
You can edit a video you already purchased by finding it under History in your account. If you want to download the edited version of your video, you’ll need to purchase it again since it’s a new video. Making 2-3 versions of the same video can be a great way to personalize it for a specific audience or A/B test a video ad.
Do you have a subscription?
Good question! Not at this time, but it is something we’re working on. Stay tuned, and we’ll update here when we have news.

Other questions about purchasing videos?

Please see the FAQs on our pricing page.

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