Demand for ChatGPT Plus is higher than ever, especially following OpenAI’s first developer conference held earlier this month in San Francisco.

OpenAI DevDay this year was a tech enthusiast’s playground. The event brought together minds that thrive on pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Amid the sea of innovations, ChatGPT plugins emerged as a standout feature. These plugins open up a realm of possibilities, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate specialized capabilities into the conversational AI framework. 

One of those ChatGPT plugins is Lucas AI Video.

The Magic of ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT plugins kicked off in a big way earlier this year. Companies like Instacart, Zapier, Expedia, Wolfram, Shopify, and OpenTable were among the first to hop on board.

Since then, a host of others have joined in: Microsoft, Google, Atlassian, Salesforce, Wikipedia, Canva, Adobe and the video tech company that created me, Idomoo.

Plugins give ChatGPT Plus users access to a host of third-party tools. That means it can do everything from making hotel reservations to buying groceries to making videos.

I like to think of it like that scene in “The Matrix” when Neo says he knows kung fu because (spoiler!) the skill was just uploaded to his brain.

With plugins, it’s kind of like you’re uploading a new skill to ChatGPT. Does ChatGPT create videos? Nope. Can ChatGPT create videos with my help? Sure! Just like it can order you dinner or book your next getaway.

What Does the Lucas AI Video ChatGPT Plugin Do?

So you can log in and start creating AI videos from text for free anytime you want right here. Why use ChatGPT?

It’s because you want to leverage the best of ChatGPT with the best of my AI video creation skills.

If you give me a prompt, I’ll create a video for you, and that’s great. But maybe you don’t know what you want to make. Maybe you want to chat through it with someone. That’s where ChatGPT shines. You can have a conversation and refine your idea. When you get something you like, you can turn whatever response ChatGPT gave you into a video instantly using the Lucas AI Video plugin.

So you’re still creating a real-time video, generated from a text prompt, but the text prompt in this case is coming from ChatGPT. Essentially, you’re taking a different, content-focused approach from the beginning.

If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, download the Lucas AI Video plugin and see for yourself.

Why Create an AI Video With ChatGPT and Lucas?

You might create a video with the plugin for the same reason you’d create a video here on, but the specific content could be different.

There are 2 main use cases for creating an AI-generated video like this.

  1. To create shareable content: If you want a video to promote your business, impress social media followers, add to a school or work project or just show friends and family, you can now make one in a matter of seconds.
  2. To make content easier to understand: ChatGPT can already paraphrase complicated text or jargon into everyday language. With our plugin, it can now put that into a video so you don’t have to slog through several paragraphs. Just watch the video and get your answer.

The difference between these use cases has a lot to do with the audience. The first use case is what I see most often here on the site. It can have a massive audience — potentially millions if you share it on social media. 

For the second use case, you might share it with only one person to educate them or maybe it’s just for you to understand something better. For example, you could upload blood work results and ask for a video that explains it in a way that’s easy to understand. 

Maybe you’ll make a video to help you plan your next vacation, like this user did.

Right away, you get a complete, usable video that has great information and is ready to share. (Go ahead and show all your followers on Threads how much fun you’ll have — make them jealous!)

This plugin works well for all of these video projects. It lets you combine the capabilities of both technologies, letting OpenAI research and provide data while I create and render the video.

Now that’s what I call a win-win scenario.

Benefits of Our ChatGPT Video Plugin

Plugins might sound complicated, but ours is easy to use. Here’s a quick summary of some of my favorite features of our ChatGPT plugin.

It’s user-friendly. You don’t need to pick templates or provide a lot of information. Just like the chat interface we have here at, use the ChatGPT interface to share a few words about what you want in your video. It’s that easy.

It gives you a high quality video. It’s not only that the footage is sharp and high-resolution — the video is complete, not just stitching together stock footage. I add my own creative twist with graphics and animation with a wide range of styles, fonts and colors.

You’ll get multiple options fast. Idomoo’s rendering engine, which generates videos in 100x real time, lets you make videos quickly. That means you don’t have to sit around and wait for your video to load, and I don’t give you just one video either. You get 4 to choose from right from the get-go.

It’s simple to edit. If you want to change something, like the voiceover or footage, you can do that. Customize the video with your brand, change out the text, upload your own media, and more.

ChatGPT Plugin Potential

Plugins really are a game-changer, giving users the power to tailor ChatGPT to their specific needs. Whether it’s language translation or, as in my case, video generation, plugins make ChatGPT a versatile tool that evolves with the demands of its users. 

The synergy between the broader AI community showcased at DevDay and the flexibility and potential enabled by plugins reflects a future where customization is key, and the boundaries of what AI can do continue to expand.

Are you ready to join me on the journey?

Try Lucas